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It's Finally Here!

After about a year and a half my mission trip to Africa is finally here! I am heading to Indiana today for a three day training and Covid testing and then on Thursday we fly out for Namibia. I am very excited for this trip and all that God has in store for us. We don't have a lot of details yet about what we will be doing, but I know that no matter what God will be there and He will be glorified. Since I don't know many details yet I don't have a lot to update you all on, however, I did want to let you know that it is finally here. Please be praying for Lydia, myself and the rest of the team we will be traveling with. There are 13 of us, all around the same age going on this trip. Pray that we will have safe travels and that God will grow us all while we are there. Also be praying for my husband, Ben, and I as we spend this next month apart. This will be the longest and farthest we will have been away from each other. I will try to post as many updates as possible on Instagram and Facebook during my time there, so if you don't follow me on one of those two sites and want update please go follow me, my Instagram handle is @12berg.

Other exciting news, I mentioned in my last prayer letter that Ben and I were buying a home, well it happened we have closed and are all moved in! We love having a home and have already invited people into it. We can't wait to have it more put together and to use it even more for ministry. We feel extremely blessed by God to have been provided this amazing home that we can use for ministry. We pray that it will be a place where people can come and be loved by us and through that feel the love of God.

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