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Fall Update

Fall Getaway

I can't believe it's November already it feels like just yesterday was welcome week. It's been a month since our Fall Getaway. Fall getaway is always a great opportunity for our church to take a couple days away from the city to worship God, listen to some great teaching, and help foster new friendships. Fall Getaway was AMAZING this year! We had a little over 200 people come, which is a new record for us. God encountered so many students during the time there and we had 10 students get baptized during the Saturday night worship session. Every year it's amazing to see the cool things that happen during our Fall Getaway, and this year was no exception!


Life Group

Ben and I help lead one of the off campus life groups along side our best friends Hanna and Troy. It has been fun and fruitful to lead this group with our best friends and to just be a member! Our life group consists mostly of graduate students and post grads. As you get older and graduate from college it can become more difficult to maintain friendships in the same capacity, but this life group has been a huge blessing to us and I think the other members too. We have had such great community with those who have been coming to our life group and they are quickly becoming our good friends. This semester we have been studying what the scripture says on the Holy Spirit, which has been fruitful. We have a very engaged group who is excited to discuss the word of God, which makes our studies so much more enjoyable and fruitful.

(Hanna and Troy pictured to the left and yes they are also pregnant! We have been blessed to go through this new stage of life also with our best friends! We are a month apart and it has just been so fun being pregnant with my best friend and I pray our baby girls will also be best friends)


Prayer Request:

  • I recently entered the third trimester of my pregnancy, and it has been difficult with body pains and trouble sleeping. Please pray for my continued health along with the continued health of my daughter.

  • Please pray for my husband Ben and I as we enter our new stage of life as parents. We so desperately want to be good parents for our daughter, and have spent much time in prayer preparing for her birth.

  • Pray for the continued growth in our Bible study, and that those who come to it would learn and appreciate the Bible more.

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