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Dignity and Strength

We recently had our annual Women's Weekend. It's one of my favorite events we do as a church. I always enjoy the vulnerability, confession, and celebration that happens with sisters in Christ at this event! It's a time where the women of the church can gather and hear teachings, and enjoy fellowship with each other. Cassi, one of our other staff women, gave a talk on dignity and strength. One of the things Cassi said was: "The reality is that the entirety of our ability to live strong, dignified lives depends on the direct intervention of the Spirit in every aspect of who we are. What we've specifically talking about tonight is how through the spirit, we can live in boldness and confidence, we have to start by understanding who God is and who we are in light of that." It is so easy to look to yourself for strength, dignity, and boldness and not to God. We often rely only on ourselves to be strong and bold people whom others respect. However, it is only through the Holy Spirit that we can find the boldness we are meant to have, a boldness that transcends human capabilities and fears. Cassi pointed out three specific attributes of God that she thinks are particularly relevant in helping us to live in boldness.

  1. First, God is powerful, mighty, and intent on the pursuit of His own holiness.

  2. Second, God is intimately invested and personally involved in our lives.

  3. Third, it is the character of God to be a good and faithful Father.

These three truths are obvious to any believer, but it's often difficult to live as though we believe they are true. I know I fail to live in these truths so often and the times that I put them to the side are the times when I struggle to find confidence in myself to do the things God gifted me to do. I pray that you live every day with these truths in the front of you mind, and if you are struggling to believe these truths, take time this week to meditate on them and ask God to help you to truly believe them.

Here are some pictures from Women's weekend!

(First picture on the top row) All our staff women! I love getting to serve beside each of these godly women. I learn something new from each one of them each time we meet. I am so thankful to serve along side these sisters in Christ.

(Last picture on bottom row) This is Jolie, she is a student that I met her freshman year, but it was until this year that we really connected and became friends. Our friendship started because she didn't have a car and needed to go to the grocery store, so I offered her a ride. She decided to get in the car with me, despite barely knowing who I was, and I am so glad she did because she has become such a great friend. I have enjoyed getting to be her friend and spend intentional time discipling her this year.


Some other fun things I got to do recently:

I got to help bring a group of kids from the Wesley Chapel, a ministry I volunteer at every week, to the Freedom Center here in Cincinnati! It was a great experience for myself and the kids. I also got to ride the Cincinnati streetcar for the first time.

I also gathered a group of students to help out a local church through child care. The church was holding a retreat for their members and needed someone to watch kids. Seven of us went Friday night and all day Saturday to help watch the kiddos. I prepared a lesson on how Jesus is our friend, we did some crafts, and played lots of games too. We had a blast getting to serve this church and the families who are a part of it.


Other exciting news is this summer I will be going on a mission trip to Cuba! It's a week long

trip that myself and 11 others are going on. Our pastor and his wife along with the team leader of the ministry we are going with and 5 of our students. This trip is $2,100 and I am currently raising support for. If you would like to donate to the trip please click the button below. It will take you to a giving link and you can write my name in the "person your donating to box" it's as easy as that!

"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit"


We've been going through Romans, and all our sermons are available on our website if you want to listen!

If you would like to join my financial team click the button below!

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