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Buffalo Spring Break

We will be planting a new church on the campus of the University at Buffalo this fall, so to help prepare for that plant we took a group of 32 staff members and students to the campus for a mission trip during our spring break. This was the first time that I really got to be involved in the plant in a big way, and it made me so much more excited to send the team off this summer. We did a lot of contact evangelism just letting people know about H2O and more importantly about the gospel. We had over 150 gospel conversations over the week there. I was and still am blow away with how on fire and bold all the students were to share the gospel with the students at Buffalo. We also had event the night before we left that we were inviting students to and we had 17 UB students show up! It was an amazing night of worship, sharing about H2O, sharing the gospel, and community. It was so encouraging afterward to see all the Buffalo students sticking around to meet everyone and talk. We even had a couple students hope in

our big white vans and go eat cookies and ice-cream with us afterwards. In the picture to the right are two of the students that came to our event.

Cassidy is one of the students who came on the trip and her and her husband will also be part of the plant team. She was excited to come on this mission trip and serve the campus for a week. Here's a little more about her experience from this trip:

"For spring break this year I decided to go to Buffalo, NY! I was particularly very excited about this trip because it was my first mission trip and because it is my future home as I am one of 10 going to Buffalo to plant a church at the campus of UB! The trip itself was an evangelism trip, which as an introvert was very scary and unfamiliar to me. But I stepped out in boldness and obedience and evangelized on campus at UB during spring break week! It was scary at first but the more and more I did it the more comfortable I became. This trip was a huge stepping stone for me because of how intimidated I was by evangelism, but I’m so glad that I went and was able to witness the battle ground at UB before moving there this summer. My biggest takeaway from the trip to was to have courage and be bold because it is worth it and the Lord deserves it! A scripture that I really clung to the whole week was 'but I am like an olive tree flourishing in the house of God; I trust in God’s unfailing love for ever and ever. For what you have done I will always praise you in the presence of your faithful people. And I will hope in your name, for your name is good' Psalm 52:8-9"


Cuba Update

As most of you are aware I will be going to Cuba at the beginning of the summer. I am almost fully funded so praise God for that! However, I am asking for help in a different way. Since Cuba is a communist country it can be hard for the people to get everything they and their families need. Because of this part of what we are doing on this trip is bringing supplies with us there. If you would like to help out and donate anything here is the Amazon wish list. Please consider donating it's super easy and is even sent to the mission agency office here in Cincinnati.

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