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About Me...

My name is Sarah (Berger) Howard. I have been a Christian since I was about seven years old, but it wasn't until I was about twenty years old, moved to Cincinnati, and got involved with a church called H2O that I really started to understand what it means to have a relationship with God. Over the past several years I have gone through a lot of trials, and with each one I have learned more about God and his character. There was a moment where I felt completely hopeless, but we have a faithful God who always brings us through. As difficult as the past years have been, I wouldn't change my experience because it pushed me into God's arms. Through it I learned so much about who I am as a Child of God and what that really means. God has given me more hope and joy than I've ever experienced before. I hope that God uses me to bring that same hope and joy to others!


Meet My Husband

My husband Ben and I meet at H2O Church. A mutual friend of ours invited us to his birthday party where we had one of our first real conversations. We had a lot in common and thus begun a friendship, that was until he showed interest in me and not in the friend kind of way if you know what I mean. I wanted nothing to do with that, so I sat him down and told him I had no interest in dating him and then just avoided him; I avoided him not because I didn't like him, but obviously because I did and was trying to deny that. I was so afraid of letting someone love me. Ben was loving and patient and just waited for me to come around. A month later we started dating, and four months later we got engaged! On September 15th, 2018, I got to marry my best friend!


Meet Winry, Octavia, and Suki!

Yes we are those silly pet people who act like their pets are their kids.

Winry (black cat) is our beautiful, spunky, sassy cat. She loves us very well!  Her favorite things are cuddling with us, eating (especially tuna), and playing with shoestrings. We adopted her from a local shelter in August of 2018. We love having her as a part of our family, and she is loved very well by all of our friends too! It took her some time but she is coming around to her new sisters. 

Octavia was added to our family May 17th 2021! She was a stray that some friends of ours found and they were looking for a home for her. Thankful we had just bought a home and were ready for the commitment a dog brings. We have loved having Octavia as part of our family, she definitely keeps it interesting. Some of her favorite things include meeting new people and dog friends, destroying all of her toys, and going on walks. 

Suki, we welcomed this new fur friend into our home October 28th of 2021. She was also a stray that some friends were looking to find a home for. So once again we opened our home up and we are so thankful because we love her! Ben was the on opposed at first but she is a daddy's girl and Ben is eating it up. She loves cuddling with Ben while we watch TV, she LOVES food, she is definitely our biggest eater, and she enjoys sitting in bags as you can see in the picture on the right.

Last but not least our newest family addition is little Miss Mavis. We got her March 19th 2022. She was not even two months old when we brought her into our home. She got us up every night for about a week but thankfully we got through that stage pretty quickly. She loves her sisters very much and loves to play with Octavia and her cousin Copper the most. She's got a lot of energy as most puppies do. As much as she loves her sisters, Ben, myself, cousins, and playing  I think there is one thing that she loves more and that is FOOD. This girl would eat all day if we let her and so far she hasn't disliked a single thing we have given to her. Her favorites are probably pumpkin, blueberries, and her vitamins. 

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