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Learn about H2O


Encountering the living God.

Equipping the church to participate in God's mission.

Engaging with the world around us.


These are the values and mission of H2O Church. Our ministries and communities reflect our passion for the University of Cincinnati and the people in it.  Below you will find a brief statement of faith from our church.

God is eternal. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Completely good and holy.

The Bible is God’s Word, fully inspired by the Holy Spirit.

The Church is made up of all true believers.

Sin (wrong doing) is a reality for all people, so each of us is separated from God.

Jesus, God’s Son, came into the world to die in order to pay for our sin.

This payment allows those who believe to return to a right relationship with God.

All people are called to turn from their sin and believe in Christ Jesus.

Followers of Jesus are to make disciples, in love and humility.

Why Staff

I graduated high school in 2012, but had no direction for my life. I didn't want to go to college, and if I did I had no idea what to go into. Instead I became a nanny; I got my first job and lived in Troy, Ohio for a year. A year later the family moved to Louisville, and I didn't feel like God was calling me there, so I started looking for a new nannying job.  My aunt called me and asked if I would be willing to move to Cincinnati to help her with her three boys. In August of 2013 I moved to Cincinnati, and I fell in love with the city. Unfortunately I had no friends or community, but I knew that I wanted it. My sister had told me about H2O Church and how the H2O at BGSU had been impactful to her while she was in college. She encouraged me to check it out, so in November I finally got the courage to go. I am so glad I did because I instantly fell in love. There was a love between them that I had never seen before. I wanted more, so I started going to services, life groups, and just about anything else I got invited to. I went through the Well, a discipleship class we offer, which is how I met my best friend Cassi. Cassi was my mentor for the well and was the first person I opened up to about depression and anxiety. She challenged me to go even further in my walk with God. I wouldn't be where I am today if God hadn't put her in my life when he did! I continued to get involved and eventually became a leader, and after about a year and half of serving in H2O I knew God was calling me to go on staff. I went to staff training in October of 2015 and started support raising right after that. I finished up support raising by the following August. I have been serving here at the University of Cincinnati at H2O Church ever since. H2O helped completely change the way I view God and my relationship with Him, and I want to help do that for students who come here. If they don't know Jesus at all, I pray God will use me to show them who he is and their need for a savor. I love serving the kingdom in this way, and that's why I chose to go into ministry!

Meet The Rest of the Team


Grant Rohlfer

Lead Pastor


Daniel Pirkle



Cassi Rohlfer



John Stichweh

Outreach Director


Zach Obrecht

Men's Ministry Director


Ken Dillard

Campus Staff


Ashley Stichweh

Outreach Director


Trevor Gossett

Outreach Director


Hanna Riley

Volunteer Coordinator 


Mark Milholland

Campus Staff


Tyler Potter

Campus Staff

What I Do

One-on-one and group discipleship

I sit down and meet with girls on a weekly basis in one-on-one and group settings. This is one of my favorite things to do. I love getting to see someone grow in their faith and then go and help someone do the same thing

Women's Ministry

I am the Women's Ministry 

Director here at H2O. I coordinate all of our events and teach at times. In 2015, I started Refined, our women's ministry, because I wanted to help women build community and learn more about God alongside other women! 

Children's Ministry Director

We have started to get more young children in our church and because of this we have a need for a children's ministry. I will help lead and coordinate volunteers to help provide child care on Sunday morning. 

Life Group

Point Person

We have small group Bible studies every Wednesday and Thursday in the different dorms or houses around campus. I help lead on of community groups on Wednesday nights. Ben helps me lead this Life Group.

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